We are expert to provide 24/7 IT support

SENiCT TECHNOLOGIES High-End Professional Consulting, Solutions & Services

HIGH –END service is the utmost solutions & services that needed by any organizations today to start up the business as the matter of infrastructure. The services cover the implementations of the followings:

IT consulting consist of,

  • ICT Infrastructure Planning & Designing.
  • Cabling Infrastructure (CAT6 & Fiber).
  • Networking Installation, Configurations and Support.
  • Server Installation, Configurations and Support.
  • Telephone System (IP PABX/ PBX) Installation, Configurations and Support.
  • Security System (CCTV) Installations, Configurations and Support.
  • Key Card System Installations, Configurations and Support.

SENiCT TECHNOLOGIES Professional Services (On-Site)

Our PROFESSIONAL business service covers outsource IT Specialist to our client organization for the period based on the contract basis. Whereby the IT Specialist will work On-Site completely as an employee of clients organizations by completely reporting and adhere all the client’s company policy also these services will be monitored & oversee by the high-level experts from the head office (SENiCT Tech ) remotely. The daily routine job function of the IT specialist covers as below respectively if needed:

IT consulting consist of,

  • Server Maintenance and Support.
  • Network Maintenance and Support.
  • Software’s Maintenance and Support.
  • Telephone System Maintenance and Support.
  • Television System Maintenance and Support.
  • PMS System Maintenance and Support.
  • Security System (CCTV) Maintenance and Support.
  • Key Card System Maintenance and Support.
  • 24/7 – Maintenance, Service & Supports.

Technical Support (FMS – Field Maintenance Service) Off-Site or Off-Shore

Excellent customer support is one of the key advantages of SENiCT TECHNOLOGIES. We are providing efficient and quick technical assistance at On-Site, Off-Site and Off-Shore locations in all areas relating to Information Technology. Right technical support at the right time is one of the secrets of our growth. Based on services will provide maintenance Quarterly (3 – Month) On-Site and will provide Off-Site support if needed.

Services consist of:

  • Hardware Installations and Configurations.
  • Networking Installations and Configurations.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Database Backup Solutions and Support.
  • Hardware and Software Upgrading.
  • PABX / IP-PBX Service & Support.
  • CCTV System Installations and Configurations.